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what type questions asked in rpa UiPath production support role

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Hi @saikumar.ch306

Here you have lot of information about that, if any specific question come back here


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Mostly about orchestrator…some bux fixing…sla …devops…ticketing


You should study about orchestrator server migration and version upgradation.

Orchestrator cloud to on-prem and Vis-versa

Asset storage implementation like Cyberark, ects.

some basics questions abt deployment, process upgrade, package upload, bot and machine creation, types of folder, types of license and how to assign and manage.


Welcome back to UiPath forum

For production support role below expertise is required for sure

  1. UiPath orchestrator - which means all entities in it like Tenant, Folders, queues and transactions, triggers
  2. UiPath robots, license types
  3. UiPath error, exception handling
  4. Debugging skills
  5. UiPath infrastructure
  6. UiPath - Manage packages and jobs
  7. Change and incident management

These are the resource links for the above topics

  1. UiPath Orchestrator
  2. About Licensing
    3, 4. Debugging Actions
  3. Prerequisites for Installation
  4. Managing Activities Packages

Cheers @saikumar.ch306

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