Interrumpt a time trigger, not stop it

Hi all,

I’m thinking on a solution for a specific use case and i’m not sure about if there is any solution available.

The process must be executed every 15 minutes to check the status of many background process of some applications, but there is a moment in the day when everything has been checked, so the logical action should be interrumpt the time trigger until next day.

I’m considering to use the API but i thinkt that this feature is not available at the moment.

Do you know any solution that doesn’t require a new step, an auxiliar queue and so?

Thanks in advance

have a check if an additional asset can control if finally the bot is to executed or to end directly
based on the logic / value the fast ending can be limited to the current day
Also have a look here:

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The problem with that approach is that the trigger will stop forever and you’ll need to active manually or with other robot.

I was looking for a postpone functionality, just using the API. I have some workarounds in mind, but i think that can be an interesting feature to optimise the license use.

Taking this as an option
Usually when the status will be checked is it after fetching the input or like before fetching a new input (which is more like completion of a transaction)
Because we can consider queue triggers