Internet Explorer PDF Tab close issue

Hi All ,

I need to close Tab which contains pdf opened in it.
But while attaching Browser in attch browser activity , the pdf tab didn’t get identified.

Please Help.

Try this:
Attach another tab in the Attach Browser, and then replace title from selector as in your PDF tab.

@SagarSB, Try to simulate “Ctrl + W”. It closes a tab

Hi @SagarSB

Try the below process-

  • When you work with IE having PDF tab, try using Attach Window rather than opting Attach browser activity.
    On top of that when you try to close the tab there seems to be two ways of doing that -
    #Click the tab image
    followed by send hotkey(Or Type into) Ctrl+W
    #The second option is using Close Window,since you’re using attach window.
    Please refer to the screenshot below-

Try using activate activity ,just in case to ensure that BOT is performing actions on the desired Tab.