Internal Scroll Not Selectable


I’m trying to automate a task on an internal website, and part of the task requires scrolling an internal element on the webpage that is scrollable. I am able to scroll the entire webpage, but cannot with this internal element. I have tried sending a pagedown hotkey, mousewheel, and automated clicking and dragging.
This is what the section of the page looks like, need to scroll that internal bar:

The element isn’t responding to any actions, please let me know if you have any suggestions.

Hello, for what reason does the page need to be scrolled? If there is a button that needs to be pressed? if so then you could use SimulateClick option and it should be able to press it. If you are doing things to that table list inside, you should be able to get the table and go through it one by one using a for each loop and SimulateClick/Type as well.