Internal links not working in body of Send Outlook mail

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I am using HTML code in Body of send Outlook mail and there I have written code to use internal links concept. But that is not working on the mail body. But when I am using that code on html webpage it’s internal links are working.

Please provide some solution?

Hi @Ish_Pandey

Have you checked isBodyHtml on send outlook activity property, and if its already checked can you show the html code?


Hi Prasath,

I have checked isbodyhtml filter.
Please find the attached html code. This code is working fine on webpage means that the internal links are working on webpage but not in body of outlook message.

Temp1 - Copy.txt (10.2 KB)

Hi @Ish_Pandey

yes it seems correct and i cant check it because i dont have outlook in my system, tagging @Yoichi @ppr @Palaniyappan for thier insight as well.


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I tried with my outlook and it’s working fine

Make sure you have this version of UiPath.Mail.Activities - 1.12.1

If not go to Design tab → manage packages-> project dependencies → upgrade the mail activities and give a try

Cheers @Ish_Pandey

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Hi team,

I am having mail version of 1.12.3 and according to your mail I rollback the version to 1.12.1 but the result is same.

I am attaching the screenshot of my outlook mail with mail body. In that if we click on any language then it should scroll down to that particular translation below.

the link to sections should look like this:
<a href="#English">In Englisch</a>

The section defining the named anchor should look like this:
<a name="English">My Englisch text</a>

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Dear Peter,

Thanks for the solution. In Uipath it is working fine with ‘name’ and not with ‘id’
It worked.
It was of great help.