Internal License Means What?

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anyone help me

what is internal license in uipath.

from the past 2 months i am using uipath community edition usuay i check my expiry status in uipath studio appication → help.
i did not buy any license from uipath

in my version there is no data expiration date and in license provider it is mentioned as internal license

what it actualy means pls help


Hello @gowthamr,
Don’t worry. Everything is in order :). Since 19.4 Studio version some new features arrived. By internal it means that you are using free Community Edition License. For example if you would use Orchestrator connected to your Studio then you would have “License Provider: Orchestrator” there. Seems that for internal activation there is no expiration date information displayed. This is shown for external, trial or Enterprise Edition licenses.
See here for details:

Hi @Pablito, so if I didn’t misunderstood, it’s no longer needed to renew your community licence periodically, right? I’ve been trying to do it by the same way as I always did, through UiPath, but nothing change in my license status.

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thank you so much brother

This is the good question. From information I’ve got there is no need to refresh the license every 3 months anymore because since new version CE license is valid for one year. As we are still expanding and making our application better and better there will be for sure official information about how to extend it after the year. Either it will be automatically done or there will be some simple steps to follow for extension. You don’t need to worry about it :wink:

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Hi Pawel, what to do to install uipath with Internal license ?