Intermittent Selector failure

Hi all,

One my selector fails intermittently - trying to figure out the root cause of it. Your help would be much appreciated. This is in the following public url - System for Award Management - ERROR
I am clicking on a button/link called “Advanced Search - Entity”

Here is the selector I am using - it’s a click activity:

It works 6 out of 10 times. I have tried adding other properties to it. But no luck. Trying to figure out the root cause. There are few other elements like this.

Greatly appreciate your help.

html title=‘Search | System for Award Management’
webctrl id=‘searchBasicForm:EMRAdvSearchButton’ name=‘searchBasicForm:EMRAdvSearchButton’

Hi there @Akimalam

I see that the selectors work fine in Internet explorer.

I have used IE with a few properties added and some redundancies (the selector is over-engineered i must say but as you are claiming the basic ones don’t work couple other properties have been added )

Please find the attached xaml/project for your reference. It is very simple. You can engineer it better by getting the active window title and then checking aga inst a pre - configured value. (11.4 KB)

Thanks, Raghavendraprasad. I was not able to open your xaml file because of different project version. But I looked at the code. I will try it soon. I certainly appreciate your time.

The code is normally forward compatible… Which studio are you using?

It’s 2018.3.1 Enterprise Edition.

Oh I see, you will not be able to open it as I coded it in 19.8… Anyway is the issue solved?