Intermittent Issues In Orchestrator UI Because Of DTU Consumption Of The Database( Hosted In Azure) Reaching 100%

How to resolve the Intermittent issues in Orchestrator UI because of DTU consumption of the database( hosted in Azure) reaching 100% ?

A few observed scenarios are mentioned below,

  • Intermittent "An error occurred" issue in license page
  • Intermittent "An error occurred" issue in logs page.

Root Cause: The SQL server is hosted in Azure and it is DTU consumption was 100% which was making all the execution slow which in turn resulted in timeout error during execution of SQL query.

DTU is a measure; a blend of CPU memory and IO.


As per Microsoft's guideline, For maximum storage of 100 GB, there must be around 100 DTUs . The issue would be resolved after increasing the DTU's count.

For more details refer the SQL Database Service Tiers DTU .

Additionally, follow the database maintenance considerations on the official documentation for the specific version of Orchestrator which is affected.