Intergrating Project into the RE Framework

Hi all,

I have a complete project that’s built-in different single sequences that can easily be invoked into each other and work perfectly.

I need to move my project into the RE - Framework, please have a look at the breakdown description below. I need to know to which state of the framework can I move each sequence or workflow.

Project Parts Description:

1). The first Sequence retrieves Attachments using IMAP and saves them into a local folder
2). The second sequence goes into the folder and for each pdf document, it extracts the relevant data. Moves the file into a different folder, and then appends the data into an Excel Template.
3.) The third sequence logs into the system and uploads the excel template waits for the system to generate a reference number and the message (successful or unsuccessful). It scrapes the message and the reference number and sends that via email to the relevant stakeholder.

Many Thanks.

Using the REFramework, I recommend making step 1 run by your Dispatcher. Your performer(s) will monitor the directory/directories for new files and begin processing them. You will need to have the files moved or removed from the directory to indicate that it no longer needs to be processed.

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