Interfacing a Mobile and Web app with UiPath

I have a task to find something on the Internet based on user input. The user inputs this value into either a web app with frontend as react JS or a mobile app with frontend as flutter and backend as node JS.

The idea is that the end user should be able to enter an input from the web app or mobile app and get a result.

This result will be gotten from a particular website after entering the user’s input to that website. This website doesn’t share their API.

I have written a code to get the result based on user input. But I can’t seem to figure out a way to integrate this with the app.

Is this possible with UiPath?
If so, how?

Thank you!

I think that In both cases, you’ll need to implement the backend logic that interacts with the website, retrieves the result, and communicates with your web or mobile app. I think that UiPath, being an RPA tool, is not specifically designed for this kind of integration and may not be the most suitable choice.

I think it’s important to handle security aspects as well. (user input, etc.)

To get a retrieving results from a website with a web app (React JS) or mobile app (Flutter), I can share my opinion:

Create an API endpoint on your Node.js backend that the mobile app can communicate with to send the user input.
Within your Flutter app, make HTTP requests to your backend API endpoint, sending the user input as parameters. The backend code will handle making the request to the target website, extracting the result, and returning it as a response to the mobile app.
Once the mobile app receives the response from the backend, you can display the result to the user within the app's UI.