Interactive Activities (UiGo!) - Display Message activity

I’m having a problem using ‘Interactive Activities’ from UiGo!

Has anyone used these much?

…Specifically the ‘Display Message’ activity. (This is NOT the built in ‘Message Box’ activity)

I’d like to display an on-screen notification of the current transaction number, which I was hoping this would do.

In the ‘Message’ field I’m using:

"Transaction number: " + TransactionNumber.ToString

Which should display ‘Transaction number: xx

(this is in the ‘New Transaction’ transition of the REF).

I’ve created a variable for ‘handle’, and the ‘Hide After’ is set to 0.

When I run this, it works OK for the first transaction, but for any after this, the number doesn’t update. Instead a new message with the same number (1), overlays across the top of the previous one. This happens until all the transactions are complete, see below screen grabs.

First number displaying correctly:

End of transaction list:

I have tried changing the ‘Hide after’ property to blank or 0, and also tried using a ‘Close by handle activity’, using the Handle variable, but this has no effect.

Hope someone can help?

Hi, try to ask a question in there (Go!) or maybe marking the package owner here for more help.


**My original comment was that this was broken, I stand corrected.

a) Use the same handle for each of the messages. This is how the bot knows which message to update. The workflow below prints “1” - “10” in a message box, one at a time. If I leave the handle out my output looks just like yours above, where there is a massive yellow box with 1 - 10 throughout.


b) If your TransactionNumber is 1 every time then you probably aren’t updating it correctly. I’d log it to the console to make sure that you’re updating it after each transaction.

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Hi Daniel , could you please explain Handle part in Display message activity , i need to display all the values in List one by one in desktop.What value has to be given in the Handle field.TIA