Interaction of UiPath with black and white screen developed in Cobol

I want to interact with a black and white screen application, developed in Cobol, and I need the support of the community to know what problems they have had in this type of interaction?

Could I really interact with this screen developed in Cobol ?, If it is a yes, What activities or packages of UiPath Studio recommend for the interaction with the black and white screen, developed in Cobol?

Hi @csanjuan33

Would it be an automation based on Citrix environment or one with easy access to selectors?

With selectors, automating should be rather straightforward - the color of the screen does not matter then.

Screen developed in cobol? Do you mean CICS?

you can connect to mainframe using terminal activities package. You have to rely on sending keystrokes and cursor positions to automate the mainframe terminal activities. Which emulator are you using to connect to Mainframe? If it is IBM PCOMM, check these links