Interacting with jsp

I have a web based inventory management system that is written using jsp that I am trying to automate.

I’m having a problem determining when pages are completely loaded. The content of the page is populated from a database. And the jsp queries that are populating the fields on the page are slow.

So, the page gets loaded, but not completely. I’m using the “on element appear” activity to wait for an item to appear on the page. The activity returns once the element appears on the page, but the page is not finished loading because the jsp controls on the page are still waiting for data to load from the database.

How can I determine if the page is completely loaded and ready to be interacted with?

Hi @Rossbarker
check this link

it will help you out

Nived N

Hi Nived;

I have already tried that and it doesn’t work.

The problem as I see it is, the static elements of the page are loaded, it is the dynamic database results that is causing the web page to be in a wait state. I need to wait for the database results to finish populating the page.

So, without putting in a delay, I need to figure out how know the web page is completely loaded (finished querying the database).