Interact with .ics file

Hi All,

I need help with extracting subject and sender of .ics file. This .ics file will be forwarded to an outlook mailbox.

I have already written code to extract subject and sender for .msg and .eml file.

The problem with .ics file is that it doesn’t work with interop outlook library.

Please help!

Abhishek Miglani

Hi @miglani18,

Can you share a sample .ics ?


Open it as a text file, (Read Text File) then you can regex your way into the Organizer

This is how an ics looks like as text:

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Thanks for the example.

You can only use the robot to the point of converting these files to text documents.

Then integrate your code according to this file.

worked like a charm for both .eml and .ics files. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you guys for your time!!

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