Intellisense slow to show up / hangs Studio for a bit

I’ve been a UiPath Studio dev since 2018, on many robust workstations, Windows 7 and 10, and through a number of Studio versions. Currently using Studio 2021.10.5.

I can’t remember ever having experienced IntelliSense prompt not being somewhat slow to appear. The slowness to emerge is not really the main issue here but the fact that Studio sort of hangs for a brief moment (somewhere between a few 100 ms to a second and a half) every time the prompt appears. During this hiccup, any keyboard input events appear to get buffered. Unfortunately, once buffered events are actually sent to become typed text, shift keypresses are rarely sent in the correct order as I typed them but instead get somewhat randomly mixed into the stream of other alphanumeric characters, resulting in outputs such as “iN_paramName” instead of “in_paramName”, ".TOstring instead of “.ToString” etc.

This issue has been prevalent through all these years of using Studio, and for someone who doesn’t like IDE getting in the way of efficient development, I have to say this phenomenon has become quite infuriating.

Having never used any other WWF-based development platforms, I wonder if this limitation is a feature of Windows Workflow Foundation technology itself, or if there’s some intermediate software layer built into Studio that’s causing this lagginess. What I do know, though, is that on some other high-profile Microsoft IDEs/editors featuring Intellisense (Visual Studio, Visual Studio code) I’ve used, the dialog has always appeared in an instant with no reduced responsiveness.

Is there anything I could try to relieve the slowness?

I agree this is a much needed improvement.

It has always been difficult to browser for variable types and it takes long to load. It also breaks the flow quite often when developing.

Thank you @rpamania for reporting this.

The type browser will be improved in the upcoming 23.2 release. You will see that type picking is smooth.