Intelligent OCR Version

I’ve built an POC on Intelligent OCR with Abbay with v2019.10. Anyone could you please let me know what is the least version of UiPath shall work with Intelligent OCR scope. i.e. v2018.x.x etc.

Hey there,

Any 2018.x (preferable stable LTS enterprise verion) will wrk.

Although you should have a ABBYY connector (search for that in Uipath GO) for distributed.

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Hello Raghavendraprasad,
I’ve developed the POC on v2019.10 community. Shall it work with 2018.4 Enterprise edition ? Hope I should have ABBAYY connector installed ?

Hello @Raghavendraprasad thanks for your support.
Can anyone let me know for UiPath Enterprise edition is it possible to have different versions of Studio and Orchestrator versions.
From the following screenshot can we understand the difference -

POC on 2019.10 should work with 2018.x unless you have used packages that are only compatible with the latest FTS release.

Just delete the JSON file form the community version project and then iopen the main xaml in 2018.4 studio and it should build the json without any issues and run the process.

Try it and revert if any issues exist.

Hey @Sanjoy_Kr_Singharoy and @Raghavendraprasad

I know this is old topic. But i have a similar Query so wanted to check again.
I did a POC on 2020 version Community edition with Intelligent OCR activities (Abbyy Flexicapture basically) -> Worked well.

But now i realized, my client Organization uses 2018.4.3 Enterprise edition strictly.
Did this work for you guys? Can i install Intelligent OCR activities in 2018.4.3 version?

Hey @Lahiru.Fernando @ClaytonM
Can you guys please lend a hand on the Query Above.

It should work. I know I installed it before in 2018.4.3 fine.

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Great. Thanks for your comment. :slight_smile: