Intelligent OCR - Position Based Extractor

A few days back I saw a demo of Intelligent OCR, now that I’m doing some POCs, I am not able to find the Position Based Extractor activity. I took this screenshot from the demo. I have the latest version of the Uipath.IntelligentOCRActivities (4.5.2)
Does anybody know where I can find this activity?

I think form based extractor is what u are searching upon @GersonTun

Not really, because Form Extractor, needs an API and a key.

Hi! I have the same problem. Have you, by any chance, found a way to get the Position Based Extractor?
Thank you very much.

It is “available” on the pre release section, you need to get version 4.3~, and since it is a pre release, there’s no documentation available. Not that I’ve founded.

Hi Gerson,

Can you explain by what you mean “available”? I’m running into the same issue you had when you first posted this question. I currently have UiPath.IntelligentOCR.Activites 4.11.1-preview installed, but am not seeing Position Based Extractor when I search for it under activities. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi, by “available” I mean that appears on your Activities panel. If you need to use the position based extractor, you need to downgrade this package to version 4.3~. It’s not available in any other version.

Hi Gerson,

I know the question you posted is a couple of months old so I appreciate the reply! I’ll download version 4.3 and give it a try. Thank you for the help.


I tried looking for version 4.3 but am not seeing it as shown in the screenshot below. How could I obtain this version?

Thank you.

I went on and checked, it seems they removed it. I think only someone from UiPath can support. :worried:

Ah, I see. Thanks once again for the reply.