Intelligent OCR - Position Based Extractor

A few days back I saw a demo of Intelligent OCR, now that I’m doing some POCs, I am not able to find the Position Based Extractor activity. I took this screenshot from the demo. I have the latest version of the Uipath.IntelligentOCRActivities (4.5.2)
Does anybody know where I can find this activity?

I think form based extractor is what u are searching upon @GersonTun

Not really, because Form Extractor, needs an API and a key.

Hi! I have the same problem. Have you, by any chance, found a way to get the Position Based Extractor?
Thank you very much.

It is “available” on the pre release section, you need to get version 4.3~, and since it is a pre release, there’s no documentation available. Not that I’ve founded.