Intelligent OCR Output only value to excel

Hi All,

I’m currently using Intelligent OCR to get a “total” value from a pdf document. This is the value I am trying to get:


I’m getting this value using the “Data Extraction Scope” activity and its outputting the value from the pdf into an “ExtractionResult” variable

I’m then using the “Export Extraction Results” activity to get a dataset variable with the data using the ExtractionResult variable from earlier

Then I use this “For Each” activity to print the result to an Excel

then this is the output in the Excel file:


I just want to ask how can I print the 551.56 only to the Excel and not include $551.56, do I need to filter the Dataset and if so how? Appreciate your help thanks!

You can use Replace to do this. If MyStr is your string containing $551.56, assign MyStr to MyStr.Replace("$", String.Empty).