Integration with Office 365 ProPlus

Hi all,
My company restricts me to use Office 365 ProPlus version and not allow to access Azure cloud account due to data integrity. I am trying to retrieve my email content and upload to Orchestrator as following:

The process can retrieve data if I run it on my colleague’s laptop. However, it cannot retrieve any data from email content if i try to run it on my laptop.
Is there any setting I need to configure on my laptop?

You need to configure the mail in your laptop (outlook). then the above will retrieve the messages from outlook

@HareeshMR, it worked for me before Outlook has been upgraded to Office365 ProPlus version.
Is there any guideline that where I can configure the mail? Thanks.

Not sure if that causes issue @elvis.lam

If you want to use the activities, try installing UiPath.MicrosoftOffice365.Activities package and use those

@HareeshMR I’ve tried to use the Office365 activities, but it only allows user with azure account to use it. However, O365 ProPlus in my company restricts the use of any cloud account/application. My another colleague can read the email content with running the same source file, that’s why I’m thinking if there’s some configuration needs to be done in email account.

Yes, Office 365 needs the application ID from azure

If your colleague is also using the proplus of outlook and able to login without any manual configurations, then you also can access the same , can you check upgrading or downgrading the activities which you are using?