Integration with Lotus Notes Email and Applications


We are using UiPath community edition to test integration of UiPath with lotus notes email and application.

When we are trying with lotus notes applications, the get text command is not working and when we tried to send keystrokes (Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C) its not sending the keystrokes and also not throwing any error. Could you please help us the best practices to integrate with Lotus notes.


@gowtham_mit Not sure try send keys like this ctrl+a and ctrl+c

You can try various input methods with send hotkeys(Send Window Messages) or you can pass keys in Type into activity like this- “[d(ctrl)]ac[u(ctrl)]”.

Sure, Thanks. Let me try it.

Do you have any idea on how to integrate UiPath with Lotus notes email activities ?

As per my knowledge, we can use email activities (IMAP, POP3, SMTP etc.) when application settings allows us. So, please have a look on your lotus notes application, if they are blocked then we would not be able to integrate it with UiPath, we have automated lotus notes with user interface.

We have tried to use inbuilt email activities by supplying required parameters (SMTP,Port etc).But its not working. From other discussions in other requests, i believe UiPath currently dont support Lotus notes email activities.

Could you please let me know whether you have used any API or DLL files to integrate with Lotus notes or you have used direct UI Automation commands (Click, Click Text, Type into ,etc…)

I have no idea about API or DLL for integration and I have used UI automation commands.

Oh thats great. In this case, we can use the UI Automation commands to send new email. But how can we use this for Read email (based on subject or data or from Id and save attachments). Can you give me an overview of how to achieve this so that i can try it.

You can easily send email with basic click and type into activities and for email reading it’s difficult to read email subject without opening email as it may not give full subject. If any information line is big it will show … in the end.So, you can either open your email for full information and then use get text or try data scraping on the complete list of emails. Another suggestion is categorize emails in specific custom folders like move all emails from in Sender1 folder and then process email one by one and move them to Processed folder to avoid reprocessing of that email.

Thanks I got your point. But I am worrying more about the reliability when we put this in Production environment.

Yes it depends on various external factors like internet speed, application response time after running for long time etc. We have successfully processed 3000 emails in one go and you need to handle various conditions like
if there’s any exception occur while processing emails close all open windows by passing 3-4 “esc” hotkey and retry that case for atlease three time and then proceed.
It would be easy if there’s any way to integrate lotus notes,please tell me if you find any method to do so.

Thanks. Lets see if UiPath’s support is giving us a solution to integrate directly by avoiding UI Automation commands.

@gowtham_mit did you find any solution for LN mailbox integration

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I am not sure your problem was resolved, but you can use SMTP to by pass email processing, send and read.