Integration with K2

We have integrated UiPath with K2 and able to load smartobjects in K2.
We followed How To: Integrate K2 and UiPath - Nintex Community KB article to integrate.

But we are facing issues while using smart objects in K2. We get bad request - 400 when we use Authenticate smart object and Unauthorized error - 401 when we try to trigger a bot from K2.

Has anyone faced same issue before? and Am not able to find any documentation or errors in forums.

@loginerror @UiPathMaster @UiPath_Learner Can you please help us on this

Was this ever resolved? Running into the same issue

Yes this issue was resolved from K2 side, The settings were altered slightly and it worked.

Hello @adheedhan, hope you are well.

I am trying to connect to Uipath orchestrator from K2 Five. And I am facing the same issue as you.
So, is it possible for you so share the parameters you add in K2 OAUTH for it to succeed?