Integration Service Connection Not available in Unattended run

We are using the Integration service connection to Oracle Netsuite. The process works great from studio and we are trying to move it into production. When the process is triggered from orchestrator, an error is thrown: “The Netsuite connection failed: One or more errors occurred. (Unable to find a connection of type UiPath-oracle-netsuite with the specified Id…”

The connection is available in the folder, and we are using the same account we did for development as the Prod account.

When I look at the process in Orchestrator, it shows the Connection in the package requirements and I choose the default connection. However, when trying to save the process after making the selection, it just shows “An error occured popup”

The process does work from the assistant when logged into the machine.

Hi @Ttrain , what is the version of the NetSuite Package that you are using?