Integration of Automation Hub with CMDB

It’s difficult to manage multiple lists of assets. With modern platforms like serviceNOW, I would like to see Automation Hub to be able to integrate with its CMDB in Automation Hub so that I can search for an application within Automation Hub > Admin Console > Platform Setup > App Inventory, and then when I “Add” it, Automation Hub would pull the data out of the CMDB to create the reference in Automation Hub.

I would also like to see a refresh option where Automation Hub would periodically query the CMDB to see if the Application Inventory is still current and for anything records in Automation Hub, it gets updated from CMDB. Ultimately, the CMDB should be the source of truth.

There should also be a configuration to define what fields in the CMDB would be used in the Application Inventory section.

@georgekoch3 this is a great idea and indeed right there is no out of the box capability from Automation Hub that can solve the use case you presented. The source of truth for applications is indeed outside of Automation Hub, in different internal systems (although we had small customers that used Automation Hub as the source of thuth for applications, as they did not have any external system setup). However, even we don’t have something out of the box, we do support updating the applications via API Swagger UI. Using this API, as a workaround, you can build a bot that interacts with CMDB and updates the Applicaiton Data in Automation Hub. Using a bot as an alternative here, gives flexibility for this flow to work, regardless of the tool where your applications are stored.

Let us know if this makes sense.


Thanks! That gives me some direction to get started.

I would like to see a more integrated solution that doesn’t consume licenses or require automation to be built to provide this capability.

We will definitely consider an integrated solution for the future. Until then, the workaround I shared before is something that can be used immediately. I will close the topic for now, but feel free to reach out if you have any other questions.