Integration middleware which is used in UiPath

Do we have any middleware called ‘PATH’ in UiPath to integrate with SAP applications?

I know that we can directly connect to SAP system from UiPath, but would like to know whether we have any inbuilt middleware in UiPath to connect to other systems.

Hi @sudavid77

There is no built-in middleware called “PATH” in UiPath specifically designed for integrating with SAP applications or connecting to other systems. UiPath provides a comprehensive Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform that allows users to automate tasks and workflows across various applications, including SAP.

To integrate with SAP applications, UiPath offers the UiPath SAP Automation activities package, which contains a set of activities specifically designed to interact with SAP systems. These activities enable you to automate SAP tasks such as reading data from SAP, entering data into SAP, or executing SAP transactions.

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Great. Thanks for the quick response. Shared information is very useful

Thank you @sudavid77

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