Integration between Uipath and secret server

I install Uipath studio community edition and also install Web Api( Uipath.Web.Activities ) feature from Package to perform operation " Communicating via API".

But I can’t see WebApi feature on UI.

Is there any document related to secret server integration.

Hi @Shahid_Khan,
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After installing the package to be able to easy find the activities just sort them by package and you will be able to see them all grouped. Example:

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Do you know how to remove the above screenshot error?

I assign value to statuscode that is “scode” which is int32
But it gives me error when i assign scode.ToString in message box

doesn’t look like you created scode as a variable, or its not within the scope

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Status Code: 403

“message”: “Authentication failed or expired token.”

Is there any configuration in UiPath studio to extend token time?
I set the token time to unlimited on my server but when i am using the token in Uipath studio it gives me error “Authentication failed or expired token.”.
Same token run on postman.

I schedule a trigger for message box in orchestrator :- “Hello”

jobs successfully run but msg box not appear and when i run manual through studio its working.

How to remove error
Cannot find the UI element UiPath.Core.SelectorNotFoundException