Integrating with ODBC to PostgreSQL

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I would like to present this tutorial who are looking for integrating ODBC to PostgreSQL

Following steps are required

Download step for PostgreSQL

  1. Initial Step to download PostgreSQL app on our machine. Go to Postgre website

URL: Download PostgreSQL

  1. Then Click download, the Version 13.6 in column of Windows x86-64

  1. Then follow the installation procedure at postgre website: Install PostgreSQL
  2. During set up it will ask for a password, in which enter the password “root” and retype it.

  1. Verify the Installation.

Installation step for PostgreSQL driver

  1. Install PostgreSQL driver (32-bit) click this link.
  2. Then click Download>msi> . Note: Don’t Install, because it does not work for me.
  3. Then unzip the folder and start installing “psqlodbc_x86”.
  4. Click Next, then finish the setup.

Steps to link ODBC to PostgreSQL

  1. Find ODBC Data source (32 bit) in the windows search bar and open it.
  2. From the user DSN, click Add in it.

  1. Create New Data Source windows will open. Scroll and search PostgreSQL Unicode and click Finish button


  1. A new Configuration window will appear.

  2. Enter all above data and click Test. Connection successful pop up message will display for confirmation.

If incase any error occurred in link ODBC

  1. Check the new server created in PgAdmin.
  2. Got Servers ->PostgreSQL13 ->Right Click → Remove Server.


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