Integrating Ui Path with Kinaxis Rapid Response tool

I am trying to automate few activities from Kinaxis Rapid Response tool with Ui Path. I encounter error like this “Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM” for which I saw a fix to install .Net application. This did not work.
Now I encounter another problem while selecting a drop down list that says “This control does not support select Item” for which I tried most of the options mentioned in the community.
Can anyone help me on how to select from a drop down list?

Source tool: Kinaxis Rapid Response (A stand alone Java application that does not install in system and does not open inside a browser)
Tool used for this activity: Ui Path Studio 2018.1.4
Windows Version: W10
Browser that can open the Java Application through a URL: IE 10, Edge , Chrome

Hi @vigneshabbur

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I belive the Select activity might not be compatibile with all possible dropdown boxes. You might have to create a custom workaround to select your item. One possible workaround is setting focus to the field and then creating a loop of continuously reading the field and then sending hotkey Down to drop to the next option. You will want to quit the loop when the field contains the selection you want.

There are of course other workarounds possible if you search our Forum for drop down selection :slight_smile: