Integrating Test Manager and TaskTop

We have recently installed TaskTop in other to connect our ALM tool (Micro Focus ALM) to Test Manager.
Does TaskTop work with on-premise TM? I read somewhere that it is only available for Cloud versions of TM but wasn’t sure if that info is current or outdated.


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TaskTop works with on-premise Test Manager as well

To use TaskTop with on-premise Test Manager, you will need to install the Test Manager Connect connector on the server where Test Manager is installed.

Installation step

check this out for more insights

But I would recommend reaching out to TaskTop’s official support or consulting their documentation or website. They will be able to provide you with the latest details regarding their connectors and integration capabilities.

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Thank you so much for responding and the insight provided. We will open a ticket with UiPath/TaskTop.

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Hope it’s clarified

If yes would recommend to close it

Cheers @Rohi2023

We are in the same boat to connect TaskTop and on-premise Test manager. But we have some issues to connect the TaskTop and Test manager after we installed both at the same server. We keep getting login error. There are some issues with Authentication. Just interesting if you guys have a solution.

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