Integrated Windows Auth Is Not Supported For Managed User In Outlook 365 Activity

How to resolve when Integrated Windows Auth is Not Supported for Managed User in Outlook 365 Activity?

Issue Description: An error is obtained while sending an email using Outlook 365 activity, as Integrated Windows Auth is not supported for managed users .While running in an Unattended set up to send emails, the set up of adding graph API had been completed.

Resolution: Integrated Windows Authentication does not support Multi-factor authentication. Also note Unattended automation does not support multi-factor authentication. If the application requires multi-factor authentication, it can be run only on attended automation using the InteractiveToken authentication type. Read more about the Interactive Token .

Treat application as public, it does NOT mean that anybody can use it nor that can access it. It means that the application will be treated as ‘Mobile’ application, which by-default a Mobile application cannot hold a “Secret” due to security reasons.

It is also specified that for ROPC and WindowsAuthentication flows to work, the application needs to be Public Client or Mobile Client. In Studio here is what is happening: When Selecting
  • “IntegratedWindowsAuthentication” or “UsernameAndPassword” it will use Oauth2 ROPC, a non-interactive flow:

Turning it off, will completely block the Oauth2 Flow to work, and these are the specifications from Microsoft, and our product is not enforcing anything.

As on today, the Oauth2 Client Credential Flow - the only one that works with Web Applications is currently in development and will be available in the future product releases.