Integrate AWS Elastic Search as a service with UiPath orchestrator

How do i configure AWS ES as a servic with UIPath. i have updated the web.config file with new URL. How do i check that the logs are updated in Kibana?

I am trying to achieve the same. I just edited the web.config in the Orchestrator and testing. Did you resolve this issue?

yes it resolved by just giving the Kibana URL, restart the servers once and you can see data flowing to Kibana.

Thank you for the response, @sudipmitra82.

Wondering it is Kibana URL -
AWS ES endpoint -

And, did you make the authrequired as True and provide the username/password as well?

Hi All,

I am in process of hosting aws elastic search, just wanted to know, if additional points which you guys considered, in case you had face any issues after hosting, so that I am not surprised later.


What is the Orchestrator version you are using? We are using 19.4.2 but unable to connect to AWS Elasticsearch from orchestrator.