Integrate Artificial Intelligence with RPA

Hello everyone,

I am a master student in Artificial Intelligence. Actually, I am doing an apprenticeship where I work mainly on RPA but my problem is most of projects that I am working on are OUT of AI, I would like to have an idea of projects/problems that I can work on where I can intgrate AI in UiPath. Till now I am thinking of using OCR.

Thanks in advance,


Hi @Amine_Benbrahim ,

if you are thinking of OCR first. i would like to share the Use case related to pricing.

Price comparison between PDF and ERP:

For each and every year a company change their prices for the Parts or items of their brands. So they will keep all the new price details into one PDF with multiple tables and each and every table have different structure.

The main task is we have to compare the prices in the PDF with the ERP application based on the part number(unique id) and share the result in form of report like whether they are matching with the data available in the application. the report should be in graphical representation like how many part numbers price are different and etc. And also we have to calculate the percentage of increase for each and every product by comparing with the old prices. may be this use case will help you to kick start with the OCR concept. All the best for your learning.

Hi Amine,

Happy to make your acquaintance, I am also very interested in AI and I am currently exploring how it can be leveraged in RPA. Below are some links to use cases from the UiPath Repository for AI and Document Understanding.