Instead of throwing what other activities to be used

Hi there,

I am using studio. I have put in if condition for a datatable where if a field is empty it should Throw. As for now, i find the throw disruptive. What else can be done in this scenario so the loop wont be stopped.

continue activity

Hi @Mark_Rajkumar ,

Maybe you could try using continue activity.


Can you try the following condition?


CurrentRow("columnname") isnot Nothing AndAlso not String.IsNullOrEmpty(CurrentRow("columnname").ToString)


Hi @supermanPunch and @jack.chan actually i wan to stop that transaction and give notification and continue with another transaction. How will this continue activity able to achieve it.

@Yoichi if my column name contains 2 lines, how do i key in the column name?

@Mark_Rajkumar ,

The Activity does stop further processing for that Transaction, You would require to keep this activity in the Then Part of If Activity, specifying your condition in If for which it should skip further processing.

Could you explain what do you mean by “give notification” ? Do you just want to log that scenario, if so, you could use Log Message activity for that purpose, If you would want to send a Mail, then you would require to use Mail Activities.

Let us know if you were able to understand the approach.

Hi @supermanPunch so in another word if there is some miss fields i can use email to notify and than put the continue activity to carry on the process

@Mark_Rajkumar ,

Yes. That should be the way the process should work according to the info provided as requirement.

@supermanPunch do u have any idea on this if my column name contains 2 lines, how do i key in the column name?

@Mark_Rajkumar .

It is always better to keep the column names in a simple format, So we would do pre-correction on the datatable columns by modifying the column names by replacing the NewLine with an Empty space so that we could work on it easily.

Or else, you could find the below approach using vblf :

Let us know if you are still facing issues.

Use an if statement to identify the empty cell then use a break activity to end the loop

@supermanPunch i tried putting the continue activity under the if condition on the then side with mail followed by continue activity. It says continue work only in the loop

@Mark_Rajkumar ,

Are you not using a For Each Row Activity to loop through the rows in the Datatable ?

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