Instead of multiple if which single activity can i use

i have 4 country list i have diff workflow for each country for that first i wants to check country name & then run that specific workflow so how can i do this without using multiple if


Use a switch case activity instead of if condition or use else if activity


Hi @pravin_bindage ,

Have you tried using a Switch Activity ?

Assuming that you have the input as the Country name. You could specify the input value or Expression as the same and the Case values should correspond to each of the Country names.

how can i write conditon for it?

how can i write conditon for it in switch activity?
@Anil_G @supermanPunch


Check this


Hi Praveen

You can use the Switch Activity. This activity is used if we have to Execute different sequence/workflow based on different conditions. You can easily replace the multiple if activity by using Switch activity.