Installing UI path in personal computer

Hi Guys,

I am new to RPA tools, I know these tools are licensed, but still curious to know that can we install community edition in our laptops? Has anyone done this and is in working condition?


Hello @Indrashekar,

You can install it on your laptop/desktop. it’ll be 90 days free after you’ll need to raise a ticket saying that my trial has expired please give a community license key.

Please correct me other if I said wrong, I had done this before 1 year. now procedure might have changed :slight_smile:


@Pankaj.Patil , Thanks a lot for the details shared, ill try installing the trail version and check if I can get community edition license key

If any one else installed recently please share your inputs.


@Indrashekar: Please have a look at this:

The community edition is free to install if it is on your personal computer. I have it on my laptop too and it works for sure.

Happy Automating!