Installing Test Suite On A Server Separate From Orchestrator

How to install Test Suite on a different server than Orchestrator?

This is not applicable to Cloud Automation or Cloud Orchestrator installations.

Description: Customer prefers or is required to install Test Suite on a separate server from their on-premises Development (recommended) or Production Orchestrator server. The standard Test Suite installation assumes that it is installed on the same Orchestrator server.

Following the standard installation process but installing Test Suite on a separate server results in a 500.30 Internal Server error, similar to that of How To Solve Orchestrator 500.30 Internal Server Error After Installation? .

Resolution: For Test Suite and Orchestrator to communicate across servers, they must have access to each others' SSL certificate with private key.

On the Orchestrator server:

  1. Confirm the self-signed or SAN SSL certificate bound to the site
  2. Open the certificate in Bindings or Local Computer Certificate Manager (certlm.msc)
  3. Navigate to the Details tab
  4. Select "Copy to File" to launch the Certificate Export Wizard, then Next
  5. Select "Yes, export the private key" radio button, then Next. If this option is not available, contact your IT Security team for assistance exporting the certificate
  6. Save the certificate to an accessible location in the "Personal Informaiton Exchange - PKCS #12 (.PFX)" format
  7. Transfer the exported certificate to the intended Test Suite server.

On the Test Suite server:

  1. In Local Computer Certificate Manager (certlm.msc), expand the Personal store and right-click Certificates. Select All Tasks>Import..., then Next. Browse to the exported certificate's file location, changing the file type filter to "Personal Information Exchange (*.pfx, *.p12) and open the certificate file
    • Alternatively, select Certificates and select Action>All Tasks>Import... and follow the above steps.
  2. Once imported, copy the Orchestrator certificate to the Trusted Root Certification Authority store
  3. Follow the steps performed on the Orchestrator server to export the Test Suite self-signed or SAN certificate and import it to the Orchestrator server's Trusted Root Certification Authority store. The certificate may also be copied to the Personal store safely
  4. Continue installing Test Suite using the basic installation process.

  • Once the Test Suite installer has completed, confirm the Test Suite site is available using the designated URL.
  • Log into the Orchestrator Host tenant to confirm Testing Robot licenses are available, assigning them to the preferred tenant(s).