Installing Studio and Robot on the server

Hello! Is it possible to install uipath studio and robot on the server and then access the computers (windows xp) that are connected to that server and automate the process that way?

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hi @KotaroKo
welcome to the uipath community

yes it is possible , so then you have to log on to your server through RDC (remote desktop connection)

but remember it will not work like terminal , only one user can be access at a time on robot ,assume if you have one robot license , if one user used it so for another terminal user cannot take your bot

Thank, you. And One more question, please. Could you tell me if it is necessary Uipath robot and studio to be installed on the computers which me must access through the server?

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hi @KotaroKo
really sorry for the delay ,
no its not no need
you can directly install studio on you pc and also the robot

but for the robot , you have to decide because if production robot install on you pc and you have to province you pc for run the robot ,
so you production robot when you run its better in a separate manner
but the studio on issue

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No worries and thank you.

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