Installing libraries uploaded to Orchestrator

In the Studio’s Package Manager, there’s a feed called Orchestrator Host, that contains libraries that can be installed into our projects. These libraries also appear in Orchestrator.

However, by default; there’s no way to add my own C# dll/library to this feed.
I found here that you can change some deployment settings in Orchestrator to enable the upload button, and I was able to upload my dll’s nupkg to Orchestrator.

But when I go back to Package Manager in Studio, nothing has changed. My package still doesn’t appear in the Orchestrator’s feed.

My package works in my Local feed, but what if I want to publish a process that depends on the package. How can I ensure that when run on other machines, it will have access to the package as well?

After restarting my computer, the following feed showed up, allowing me to install custom packages from orchestrator:


I will mark this question as solved.

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