Installing IIS problems

I have problems with installing Orchestrator.
I have succesfully installed IIS but Orchestrator installer ask me to install other services

How can i solve it? Thanks.


Hi @Jom4ick
Are you running this on pc or server ?
If sever , then the reason is not install or doesn’t install IIS features properly
Follow the link to install IIS proper way

So i need to run it on Windows Server? I tryied to run it on Windows 10

if not mistaken, orchestrator should be install in a web server.

you need to run InstallRolesAndFeatures.ps1 (a powershell script) to install and enable all necessary requirement in the roles and feature of the server.

Can i install Orchestrator on Windows Server?

yes. orchestrator should be install in windows server. IIS is required, basically becoming a web server…