Installing 2 instances of Orchestrator Web Site on one VM

I have a scenario where the goal is to reduce the number of VM’s. The development instance of Orchestrator is up and running and it is tied into the independent NuGet server. The load on Dev and what is expected on the Test instance is light. It is going to be quite some time before there is any concern about load here. Since the VM hosting the Dev Orchestrator web site is not be pressured for resources, is it possible to install the Test instance of Orchestrator on that same VM?

This is a fully licensed installation, not a trial version. The URL’s for each Orchestrator instance that are planned clearly indicate the SDLC level for each. All Orchestrator instances will be using the independent NuGet server. The Dev instance of Orchestrator is pointed to a custom named DB on a separate server. The Test instance of Orchestrator would be pointed to a differ named DB. SSL certificates are for the corporate domain and use wildcards. The production instance of Orchestrator will be done on its own stand-alone VM, it is just Dev and Test instances that the goal is to consolidate and place both web sites on the same VM.

Does anyone have any experience getting this kind of installation set-up?

I have the same question.

From what I was able to determine, it was not possible to have two instances of the Orchestrator software on one VM.

In that case, why don’t you just create a new tenant?

The license code that goes with the separate instance of orchestrator would have to be able to be applied to that other tenant. If doing a multi tenancy, having UiPath work with you to adjust the licensing so that the hosting admin can be utilized to distribute
the robot licenses across tenants instead would probably be a good approach.

If that is a viable long term solution, and not one where this is temporary with the goal to move this orchestrator to a separate VM later, that’s workable. If it’s temporary, migration of all the set up within the orchestrator database would have to be
accounted for as part of that move to a separate VM and a new database.

I was glad to see this post because I have the same doubt, then I am sad to see that the post is not resolved :smiling_face_with_tear: