"Installer Integrity Check Has Failed. Common Causes Include Incomplete Download And Damaged Media. Contact The Installer’s Author To Obtain A New Copy." Error During Installation

Why is error "Installer integrity check has failed..." thrown while attempting a fresh installation of a UiPath product on the machine?

Issue Description: Sometimes, when launching an installer (EXE/MSI) to install a new UiPath Product, one might run into the below error,

Root Cause: This usually occurs when

  • The installer file has gone corrupt / unreadable due to some reason
  • Something is preventing the installer to run successfully, for example an anti-virus, firewall settings, third-party applications etc.


  1. Validate Prerequisites: First ensure to meet the prerequisites for the specific product to enable a smooth installation. For this, simply refer to the "Hardware & Software Requirements" page for the particular product in our official docs.

  1. Leverage Latest Installer: Re-download the latest installer and re-attempt the installation using the same.

Also, take note of any specifics pertaining to the installers that the product demands. For example, in case of UiPath Task Capture, it is NOT supported to have both the .exe and .msi versions of Task Capture on the same machine. Hence, delete one of the two before proceeding with the installation.

  1. Maintain Privileges: Run the installer as an admin user with unrestricted privileges on the machine and check if that helps.

  1. Disable Antivirus/Firewall temporarily:

If your organization's security policy allows, temporarily disable the antivirus software running on the computer and the firewall, and the then try downloading and installing the executable files.

  1. Delete Temp Files: Clear the temp directory (%temp%) before launching the executable file and attempting the installation.

  1. Clean Boot your System: Place the computer in a clean boot state before attempting the installation. Read How to perform a clean boot in Windows for more information.

  1. Microsoft Troubleshooter: If none of the above steps help, download the troubleshooter and follow steps illustrated at Fix problems with apps being installed .