Installed studio on personal desktop and VM. Deleted VM, now can't use studio on new VM

Hello everyone, I have a question regarding the community version of UiPath.

Originally, I installed UiPath studio on both my desktop and one of my VMs to mess around with it. While learning some other tools, I deleted the VM with studio installed on it and created a new one thinking I could just replace the old license with a new one. After installing, I’m now getting an error when trying to use Studio in my VM stating that there are no more available bots.

I messed around in Orchestrator and I could not find anything about removing the previous machine and it’s associated license, so I’m stuck on trying to figure out how I can use studio on my new VM, as the delete button that I see in the videos doesn’t seem to be there under the community version.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Orch>Tenant>Machines> Choose machine > open options > Remove

attached screenshot is from my community version orchestrator

It looks like I’m still getting the “Robot does not exist” error, preventing my new VM from being able to use Studio.

Can u share screenshot of robots tab in your communtiy version orchestrator