Installation via .msi commandline; robot only; no orchestrator


We are currently developing a robot for a customer in a citrix environment.
the studio is working on our developer-account and the UiRobot.exe is starting fine. (on the robot-account)
The problem is when we publish our script it can only be done to a custom location as the default location is protected. (entire c-drive is unavailble)

and ofcourse the robot is not able to find any scripts as the default directory is protected.

Now I have been trying to change the default location to a shared drive. Which is pretty easy via the UiPath.settings file on my personal pc. stopped → started the service and there where the scripts from the shared drive

However on the clients citrix side they are unable to locate the UiPath.Settings file…
Okey I have looked a bit further on the internet and found out that this file is only created by installing the UiRobot as a service (RegisterService command) (and tested it locally)

  1. Is there an other option to change the default path => “NuGetServerUrl” without installing it as a service?

  2. Or do I have to tell the client to install it as a service?
    (and if so, will it work with a shared folder? as the service account wont have the shared folder… )