Installation Steps For Test Manager Connect Aka Tasktop

How to install the Test Manager Connect application?

Description: Steps by step procedure for installing the Test Manager Connect application.

Resolution: UiPath Test Manager Connect (aka Tasktop)

System Requirements:

UiPath Test Manager Connect, aka. Tasktop Hub, is a web application which runs centrally on a server. Users interact with it through a web browser from any computer that has network access to the server. For best results, Hub should be deployed in an environment that has good network throughput and low latency to its operational databases and all repositories involved in an integration.

Below are general requirements to meet the needs of typical deployment scenarios.

  • Hub must be installed in a server environment and only one instance of Hub should be installed on each server.
  • The Hub operational database should have its own machine and should be co-located with the Hub server to reduce latency.
  • Tasktop Hub can be installed on the same server environment as UiPath Test Manager; however, please make sure that the Server Sizing Recommendations documented here ( Hardware Sizing for Deployment Scenarios Sizing ) are followed.

For additional details on System Requirements, visit the official User Guide here ( Tasktop - System Requirements 23.2 ).

Installation steps for Test Manager Connect:

  1. Post having the Test Manager connect installer from the UiPath team, try running the installer and the Tasktop Setup Wizard will guide through the installation process. (By default the installation location would be C:\Program Files\Tasktop)
  2. Once it is installed to start the task top, Go to --> windows ---> all apps ---> under the task top ---> click start task top and application will be started as mentioned in the below image.


  1. The Hub application is available via HTTPS on port 8443. A default SSL certificate is provided for testing purposes, however this SSL certificate is insecure. Before using in a production environment, the provided SSL certificate must be replaced.

Creating an Admin User:

Once installation is complete, begin using Planview Tasktop Hub by opening http://localhost:8080/ or https://localhost:8443/ in any of the supported browsers.

Before logging in to Hub, it is required to log in to the User Administration Console to create the admin user(s). This can be accessed via the User Administration Console link at the bottom of the Hub login screen.

User Administration Console Link

  • After clicking the link, the Keycloak login screen will appear.

Keycloak Login Screen

The Hub User Administration Console comes pre-configured with a root user and password. Use the following credentials to log in to Keycloak:

  • Username: root
  • Password: Tasktop123

Note: There is only one initial root user. If the credentials for this user are lost, access to the Advanced User Management features will also be lost. All functionality of Hub will continue uninterrupted. Learn how to create additional root users and manage existing root users User Management 23.2.

After logging in, a prompt appears to change the root password and make at least one new Tasktop Admin user for Hub. After this first user is created, create additional users directly from the Hub interface.

  • To create a Tasktop Admin, ensure the Tasktop realm is selected here:

  • Ensure 'Tasktop' is selected

Note: Do not rename the realm (Tasktop), as this will result in errors upon Hub log in. To rename the realm, also edit {tasktop workspace}/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/keycloak.json, update the 'realm' parameter, and then restart Hub.

  • Select the User section in the left column and click Add user.

  • Click on 'Add User'
  • On this screen, enter the username, email, first name, and last name for your new user — the rest of the fields are not required. Post entering the required fields, click Save.

  • Add User Screen
  • After you have saved the user, select the Credentials tab and provide a temporary password for the new user.

Tip: Please ensure the Temporary toggle is set to On. This will allow the user to set a new password upon their first log in.

  • Post entering the temporary password, click Set Password.

Credentials Tab

  • Next, select the Groups tab to assign the user as a Tasktop Admin. Highlight TasktopAdmins and click Join. By becoming a Tasktop Admin, the user can add new users directly from the Hub interface.

  • Add User to TasktopAdmins Group

Tip: Ignore the Attributes, Role Mappings, Consents and Sessions tabs.

Now the Tasktop Admin user has been added.

Sign out of the User Administration console, navigate to http://<server>:8080, and log in with the newly created user account.