Installation script for Orchestrator fails

Scenario: script Install-Orchestrator.ps1 fails with error …doesn’t contain a method named ‘ForEach’.

Steps to reproduce: Run the script

Current Behavior: fails

Expected Behavior: Get the orchestrator web site installed

Studio/Robot/Orchestrator Version: UiPathOrchestrator2017.1

Last stable behavior: NA
Last stable version: NA
OS Version: Windows server 2012
Others if Relevant:
PowerShell error:
script Install-Orchestrator.ps1 fails with error
Method invocation failed because [System.Collections.Hashtable] doesn’t contain a method named ‘ForEach’.
At C:\Shared\scripts\Install-Orchestrator.ps1:600 char:2
settings.ForEach({[PSCustomObject]_}) | Format-Table Label, Value -AutoSize - …


If I remember correctly I faced once similar error with 2016.2 orchestrator installation some time ago.
It was due to a version of PowerShell lower than the one required.

If i remember correctly the line in question was just meant to print on PowerShell the installation settings of the script (so no real impact of the effective installation. I removed it and ran the script again and it work fine.


Issue solved: just replace the dot here with “|”.
This is the result:
settings | ForEach({[PSCustomObject]
There are two occurrences of same expression !
Unfortunately the script is not complete, it does not create database UiPath.

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