Installation of JRE for BOT execution

Hello All,
For BOT deployment we have Java based application which needs J2SE Plugin version 1.6.0_27.
We have installed the same plugin on the BOT prod server but facing the issue “No open windows found for ‘jp2launcher.exe’. Please check if the application is running.”
Upon manual check of the same Java based application on the Prod server, it is working as expected but through BOT error is faced.
Could you please help on the same.

Rashmi P.

Hello @RPA24

Does that mean you are using that exe for the deployment?

During the execution is it getting close autoamtically? ANy observations?


@Rahul_Unnikrishnan Upon login to the Webpage and post few clicks, Windows application is loaded for which Java Plugin needs to be installed which is one time activity. We have already installed it on the BOT production server but we are still facing the issue.
Any suggestions for such one time activities like installation of softwares, plugins what steps are to be followed


Please check the below.


Post installation of Java Plugin still facing the same issue.
Do we need to install JRE physically in the PROD system to execute the app?
Because for test instance post installation of JRE the application was running fine.