Installation Isuue

I am trying to install UiPath Studio but the initial blue screen comes with title “Installing” with three dots and nothing happens. My antivirus is disabled . Where I am going wrong?

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Kindly check once whether dot net framework is installed in your machine with latest version atleast 4.6.2
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Hello Palaniyappan,
Thanks,Dot net version 4.8 is installed and VS2017 is running.

Now message is comming
“Installation has Failed”

Hi @Alok_Shrivastava

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This error message is typically solved by indeed making sure your antivirus is not interrupting the installation. Please see here:

Is it also McAfee that could be causing the issue for you?

Thanks Sir,
But my antivirus is already disabled.

May I know what version we are trying to install and
What is the edition CE or Enterprise
Cheers @Alok_Shrivastava

I had Studio 2018.1.4 installed and I was working on it, 2-3 automation jobs were done successfully. All of a sudden my studio stoped. It was crashed somehow. I uninstalled old version and download a new version. From that day I couldn’t able to install till now.
That was the CE and the new one also is the CE.

Kindly try once again by deleting the %localappdata%\UiPath folder as we have already installed once and try installing again.

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Thanks, Now, it is installed but when I click UiPath.Studio.exe , It is not opening.

Hello All,

Kindly help, why my UiPath.Studio.exe is not opening.


Hi @Alok_Shrivastava

Could you try running it from Start menu and as an administrator?

Hello @loginerror,

No, It is not opening. :unamused:

i hope the studio is not completely downloaded…
kindly redownload and try pls

Cheers @Alok_Shrivastava

Could you maybe follow these steps and send me the output file?

Let’s look a bit closed at the issue.

But in general, when Studio doesn’t want to open when clicked on, it indeed means that some files are missing in the installation.

Hello @Palaniyappan,

I have just download a new copy of the setup (314132 KBS) , but the problem is the same. Interestingly, I have setup of an older version, which is installing and loading properly, but on that, excel activity is giving problem. Even after installing “Excell activity” it is not appearing in the Activity list.

I am now tired of it.

may i its older version and the excel package version
if the studio version is older and excel package version is lower then kindly downgrade the package version in the manage packages option in the DESIGN tab

Cheers @Alok_Shrivastava

Hi @Alok_Shrivastava,

I think this is not a problem from the side of UiPath.

As you have uninstalled and reinstalled, some residue files are there in your machine. That’s why it’s not opening.

I would like to suggest you to kindly consult with the IT Department of your organisation.

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Hello All,


Now I installed an older version and make a shortcut of studio.exe from Appdata/Uipath/app-18.1.4 folder. As @Palaniyappan has suggested, I downgraded the excel activity, It is working

Thanks Again

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Cheers @Alok_Shrivastava