Installation issue in community Edition

I have installed Community version on my laptop version 2016.2.6274.33252
Every time I open Uipath Studio , its Showing a Pop Up saying " Application failed to start correctly"
Every time I have to reset and start uipath … All the previous Projects gets deleted .


Try to delete the folder “UiPath” from %localappdata%, then restart Studio.


i did so many times … its not working

Hi, I’m having a same issue, too. Because of this, I have to re-install the packages, plugins in order to work projects properly everytime I restart UiPath Studio. Maybe it is due to windows account privileges but not sure.
I just started learning and evaluating this product, but I’m already thinking about move on to other packages :frowning:

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Sorry, I read other topic and recognized what I was doing wrong. I should’ve run exe file in appdata…

Hi Even I’m facing the same issue. Can anyone tell me the solution


What version are you using? Is this a clean install (did you ever used any other uipath version before on the machine)?

I think it is related with this. Do not run again the downloaded .exe but the one from %AppData%

Am also facing the same issue
can you explain it better how to resolve it

Thank you in Advance