Installation issue after clicking 'Start free! no license required'

Hi Team,

I am unable to install UiPath on my laptop.
Installing is getting stuck at a particular point after clicking ‘Start free! no license required’

Hi! Try to download again and try to install it … Do you have an open connection to internet?. asking because I had some problems too when I tried from my job, when I tried at home I have no issues.

Hi Carmen,

Thanks for your reply.
Still, I am facing the same issue.
I checked all software and hardware requirements also.
Even though the network connection is there, still it will get stuck in the same place.

from where are you getting that version? from here?

can you try to delete the uipath folder in %localappdata% , restart your computer, download again and try to install it? let us know if that works for you.

Hi Carmen,

Your solution actually worked for me. UiPath is working now.
Thank you very much for your support :slight_smile:

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