Installation has faild

Facing Error while installing UiPath Community Edition


I already delete UiPath folder from %localappdata as mention below but still getting the same error and i don’t have any antivirus

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Can you please share some more details ?
Windows details (edition, version, bitness ) and .NET Framework installed ?

Edition: Windows 10 Home single language
Type: 64 bit
About .NET Framework:

Please make sure you have .net minimum: 4.6.1
try :

after installing this framework i got this window:

Can you share the setup logs ? Maybe we find some details in there

Okay sure… (6.0 KB)

@alexandru Any Updates??

Hi @abhay

Could you try this solution?

Thanks for reply…but now after double clicking on the UiPath setup file this image is appeared and nothing happens further.

Hi @abhay

Did it eventually move forward? If not, could you try running the .exe file as administrator? Also, could you check this path after you launch it to see if any files show up?

If not, it is possible that some antivirus is sandboxing the files.

i did …and after launching, this files are created in

this location

Any chance trying to launch it via UiPath.Studio.exe?

I can also see that it installs the 19.3.0, which means you have an older installer. Could you re-download it, as it will then install the 19.4.2 right away.

One more idea would be to make sure nothing blocks the connection of Studio to the internet (firewall/antivirus), as it might be downloading the new version or trying to contact the licensing servers

Hey thanks for replying.But nothing is working.I turned off the firewall and now am trying to installing 19.4.2 v but still nothing is happening.

Could you go to the windows Event Viewer and try to see what happens during the installation? It could be helpful here.

Thanks, but when I opened Event Viewer it is showing “MMC could not create he snap-in”

This looks like it is related to your Windows installation. I’m sure there is already a solution for the “MMC could not create the snap-in” issue on Google.
For example, this one might work (the last post in that thread):

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