Installation error while activating community forum edition

Installer(.exe or .msi): .exe

License type(Free, Trial/License code): free

Studio/Robot version: studio

Current behavior: i have used trial version but now i need to work in free version of community edition of studio… but i am getting an error while activating community edition as u have used a trial version and unable to get an licensed version. how to get a free version of community edition.

hi @haripriya12

you can do using of below link

@haripriya12 Please check the below link.

thank you, how to get my license key since i don’t know

@haripriya12 I don’t know how to get license key. Anyhow why you required license key.

i am getting an error as " cannot use community edition on this machine after activating a trial or enterprise license code. please enter a valid license key."

@haripriya12 Previously you have installed enterprises edition so now you are trying to install community edition so it’s not getting installed

yeah actually you are right.

@haripriya12 please check that link once again, it has answer for your question.

@haripriya12 Raise you’re ticket Here

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